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EarthConsole®: two years simplifying earth observation data exploitation

EarthConsole Infographic 2021 - 2023


At Progressive Systems, we have been dedicated to supporting researchers, institutions, and companies in gaining insights from Earth Observation data since 2006.

In July 2021, following in the footsteps of the ESA Research and Service Support service we have operated for 15 years, we have proudly launched our in-house cloud-based platform: EarthConsole®. A platform designed to support the development, testing, and hosting of applications and processors provided by third-parties such as research centers, universities or companies.

After two years since its launch, we have supported 49 projects in accessing earth observation data and enabling processing services.

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The Services at Your Disposal

At EarthConsole®, we provide a comprehensive array of services that cater to your research requirements, from algorithm development to large processing campaigns, and everything in between these two extremes.

Here are some of the key offerings:

  • G-BOX: a virtual machine with access to earth observation data and installed software for their exploitation, suited for your algorithm development and testing.
  • I-APP: our expert support will help you seamlessly integrate your or a third-party application into the EarthConsole® parallel processing environment.
  • P-PRO: the EarthConsole® parallel processing environment to perform bulk processing campaigns, managed by EarthConsole® experts (P-PRO) or to independently launch processing tasks via our user-friendly web graphical interface (P-PRO ON DEMAND).

A Wealth of Earth Observation Data

With EarthConsole®, you gain access to a wealth of valuable earth observation datasets from:

  • Copernicus Sentinels Missions
  • ESA Earth Explorers, ESA’s scientific missions for Earth
  • ESA Heritage Missions, providing decades of data from non-operational earth observation missions.

If you require datasets beyond those mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to assess your request.

Unlock the Benefits for You

EarthConsole® brings forth numerous advantages to simplify the exploitation of earth observation data:

  • Time Saving: no more worries about setting up and maintaining your processing infrastructure. EarthConsole® eliminates this hassle, letting you focus on your research.
  • Storage Saving: the platform eliminates the need to download and store massive amounts of data locally. EarthConsole® allows direct access to data on the cloud, saving you precious storage space.
  • Reduced Time to Processing Completion: by co-locating processing resources and earth observation data, EarthConsole® ensures faster and more efficient execution of your processing tasks.

Explore the Processors Available

In the last two years we’ve collaborated with prestigious institutions and research centres to integrate their processors on our platform. Suitable for studies on inland waters, seas and oceans, polar ices and land, these processors are ready to be used for your project needs.

Immerse Yourself in EarthConsole® Virtual Labs

Our Virtual Labs are virtual spaces offering processing services tailored to specific earth observation communities.
EarthConsole® Virtual Labs are:

  • Customizable: they are designed to meet the needs of the users’ communities.
  • Collaborative: they provide tools for sharing and collaboration among users (e.g. forum).
  • Supporting Open Science: they facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge, data, and resources.

In the last two years we have set up two ESA labs currently hosted on EarthConsole®:

  • the ESA Altimetry Virtual Lab: tailored to the needs of the altimetry community.
  • the ESA Heritage Missions Virtual Lab: designed for users of Heritage Missions data.

The access to the Labs is free of charge here.

How to Access EarthConsole®

You can request EarthConsole® services through two different frameworks:

  • the ESA Network of Resources: If you have a research, educational, or pre-commercial project, you can request an ESA sponsorship via the Network of Resources portal. If approved, you will receive a voucher covering the costs of your selected EarthConsole® service.
  • the Open Clouds for Research Environments: EarthConsole® is also available through the OCRE Earth Observation Catalogue. This is an initiative aiming at accelerating the adoption of earth observation services by the research community, via dedicated calls for proposals awarding funding for using the services selected from the catalogue.

In case you are not eligible for either of these two frameworks, you can contact us for a quotation as the EarthConsole® services are also available commercially.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out today at

Join our platform today and experience the efficiency it brings to your project.