Turning Earth Observation data into value-added insights on our planet

EarthConsole® is the result of a journey initiated by Progressive Systems back in 2006 in response to the challenges faced by the scientific community. From our foundation, we’ve noticed the obstacles associated with the growing availability of Earth Observation data such as their retrieval, their processing set-up and the related IT infrastructure management.

In recognizing these complexities, we have been dedicated to “bringing users to data”.

Our focus has been clear since then — to dismantle the barriers and facilitate access to Earth Observation data, ensuring that the scientific community can harness its full potential.

In 2006, to meet these identified needs, Progressive Systems initiated the operations of the precursor to EarthConsole® — the Research and Service Support (RSS) service.

Operated on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), this service was designed to help the scientific community during the R&D phase of their projects, by providing support services ranging from algorithms development to managing processing campaigns over large volumes of data and much more.

This service evolved over the years, refining itself into the platform you now know today as EarthConsole®.

Through our services, we have helped hundreds of users in extracting valuable information from Earth Observation data for a wide range of research, educational, and pre-commercial projects and for different thematic applications.

Let us help you empower your project with Earth Observation data insights, just as we have done for hundreds of other users.