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Request a G-BOX

You can request a G-BOX VM directly from the EarthConsole® WebApp. Once you have registered and logged in, you can press the “G-BOX” Request VM button in the top left bar, click on the “Request your G-BOX” button on the left bar and select the desired template and fill the request form page. You can put additional notes on the Notes field and submit the request by pressing the “Submit request” button.
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How to access G-BOX

This guide shows how to connect to the G-BOX using: - X2Go remote desktop - SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) client - JupyterLab for http web access.
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How to access EO data from G-BOX

Your G-BOX provides direct access to Earth Observation data from various satellites. This means that in most cases there will be no need to download the EO data from external repositories.
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