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How to access EO data from G-BOX

Your G-BOX provides direct access to Earth Observation data from various satellites. This means that in most cases there will be no need to download the EO data from external repositories. The data is available on the machine in the directory /eodata. This is a read-only shared network storage.

List of collections currently available:

  • Sentinel-1
  • Sentinel-2
  • Sentinel-3
  • Sentinel-5P
  • Landsat-5
  • Landsat-7
  • Landsat-8
  • Envisat
  • SMOSCAMS (Atmosphere)
  • CEMS (Emergency)
  • CLMS (Land)
  • CMEMS (Marine)
  • DEM
  • Jason-3

For an up-to-date list of data you can refer to the CREODIAS data offer.

To locate the actual data you need, you have to know its date of acquisition and the exact file name. Alternatively, you can use the CREODIAS finder:

After searching, select the product and copy the productIdentifier

then paste the path directly into SNAP (File>Open Product) and open the file.

In this way you don’t have to copy the data to your local disk.


If you need datasets not present in the list above, you can contact us to request the access at

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