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Software pre-installed in G-BOX

The G-BOX VM is equipped with the most common software and tools for Earth Observation data analysis and algorithm development:

  • SNAP
  • Jupiter Notebook
  • Python
  • GDAL
  • QGIS
  • BRAT
  • Panoply

The Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) reunites all Sentinel Toolboxes in order to offer the most complex platform for this mission. The basic function includes: opening a product, exploring the product components such as bands, masks and tie point grids. Navigation tools and pixel information functionality also represents some of the basic capabilities.

Video tutorials are available here.


JupyterHub enables you to work with documents and activities such as Jupyter Notebooks, text editors, terminals, and custom components in a flexible, integrated, and extensible manner.

The user guide is available here.


GDAL is a translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats.

User oriented documentation is available here.


QGIS is a user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License. QGIS is an official project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). It runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android and supports numerous vector, raster, and database formats and functionalities.

The training manual is available here.


The universal altimetry toolbox BRAT (Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox) is a collection of tools and tutorial documents designed to facilitate the processing of radar altimetry data. It can read all previous and current altimetry missions’ data.

The user manual is available here.


Panoply plots geo-referenced and other arrays from netCDFHDFGRIB, and other datasets.

Different ‘How to’s’ resources are available here .


The AMORGOS (Accurate MERIS Ortho-Rectified Geo-location Operational Software) tool, version 4.0p1, generates accurate geo-location GOS E information – longitude, latitude, altitude – for each Envisat MERIS pixel, 4.0m starting from a MERIS Reduced Resolution product or MERIS Full Resolution product: either a Full Swath or a standard half-swath Scene product. The quarter-swath product is not managed. AMORGOS is applicable with data from MERIS full resolution third reprocessing only.

User oriented documentation is available here.


The SCIAMACHY Calibration and Extraction Tool (SciaL1C), version 3.2, is an application for processing SCIAMACHY Level 1b products.

This application allows you to select specific calibrations to apply to Level 1b data, which are in the case of SCIAMACHY, defined as not fully calibrated Level 0 channel information in combination with calculated calibration data.

User oriented documentation is available here.

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