SARvatore for Sentinel-3

SARvatore (SAR Versatile Altimetric TOolkit for Research and Exploitation) for Sentinel-3 is a Prototype Software Processor developed by ESA/ESRIN (REF1) to experiment with Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry processing exploiting the SAMOSA retracking model and the Delay-Doppler principle. It can be used over open ocean or coastal zone, as well as over more difficult targets such as rivers, lakes, and sea-ice. This toolkit, similar to the one developed for CryoSat-2, is made available to the user community as an EarthConsoleTM P-PRO Service. The toolkit takes in input L1A Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry data products and produces in output  L2 data products in standard NetCDF format. The content of these output files can be manipulated, displayed and further post-processed with BRAT (the Broadview Altimetry Radar Toolbox).

EarthConsole® P-PRO SENTINEL-3 SARvatore Software Prototype User Manual

The P-PRO SARvatore (SAR Versatile Altimetric Toolkit for Ocean Research & Exploitation) for Sentinel-3 service is a web platform that provides the capability to process on line and on demand Sentinel-3 SRAL L1A data products in SAR mode to Level-2 geophysical data products.

The service is based on the Sentinel-3 SARvatore Processor Prototype, heritage of the CryoSat-2 SARvatore Processor Prototype.

The data products in input to the service are the Sentinel-3 SRAL L1A data products.

The Sentinel-3 SARvatore Processor has two stages: L1b (SAR) & L2 (retracking).

The processor makes use of the EarthConsoleTM P-PRO distributed computing platform to deliver timely the output data products.

These output data products are generated in standard NetCDF format (using CF Convention) and are compatible with BRAT (Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox) and other NetCDF tools.